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Baby Bedding Plants

Early in the season, around March time, we sell small bedding plants in plug form, suitable to be potted on. These must be kept protected from the frost as they are very tender.

Grow Your Own at Gotherington

Grow Your Own

During the spring and early summer period, we have a great range of young vegetable plants grown locally near Evesham. 

Cottage Garden Plants

Cottage garden plants provide a wonderful array of colour during the summer months. Usually they are planted in borders densely and in a less formal way. Some varieties will even self-seed in the garden. 

Flower Seeds

Rockery Plants

Having a rockery in the garden, makes a great feature, providing a beautiful display year after year. It’s ideal for low maintenance gardens. These low, slow growing plants are ideal in a dry area. These are suitable for planting on top of stone walls too.


During the spring and summer months, we have a great choice of herbs. Their foliage alone looks great in any border or container and can smell beautiful too. Perfect for adding to cooking, salads or even making tea!

Soft Fruit Bushes

Soft Fruit Bushes

There’s nothing nicer than harvesting your own soft fruit. We sell different varieties of currents and berries, which provide a great source of vitamins.


Shrubs & Roses

Shrubs provide a long term structure and focal point in the garden. We have a great choice of shrubs, which can provide interest across the seasons.

Our selection of roses include patio, bush, climbing, rambling and celebration, making the perfect gift as well as adding beauty to your own garden.



Climbing plants are a great way to soften walls and fences. Their height adds interest to the garden. Why not use structures such as obelisks and arches to support climbing plants and add a feature to your garden.



Conifers vary in shapes, sizes and colours. They are mostly evergreen and can be fast growing (ideal for hedges), low growing (ideal for groundcover) or slow growing. Their foliage is unique and they can add structure to a garden.



Hedges can provide privacy and are great at hiding unsightly areas of the garden. Although we sell hedging plants in containers all year round, during the winter months we sell bare-root hedging. This provides a cost effective way of planting a hedge.

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees

These add structure to the garden and beauty. They are great for providing shade too. We stock many varieties, which vary in height and spread to suit all sizes of garden. 

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are the perfect addition to any garden. There is nothing nicer than picking your own fruit, whether it be apples, pears, plums or cherries to name a few that we stock at the Nurseries.

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