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Baskets & Planters

Offering friendly and expert advice on all things related to baskets and planters.

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Hanging Baskets

Plants, hanging baskets, liners, feed and  compost are available for you to plant up a basket yourself or choose one of our hanging baskets already seasonally planted up by our team at the Nurseries.


Plants, containers,  feed and  compost are available for you to plant up a container yourself or choose one of our seasonally planted containers.

Tub & Basket Feed

Gro-Sure All-Purpose 6 Month Plant Feed is a great slow release food to use in hanging baskets and containers. The tablets contains high potash for better flowering. Will feed plants for up to 6 months and is ideal for all garden plants.


Our Watergel works by the crystals absorbing several hundred times their own weight of water. One application will last all season, releasing water to plants when needed. This reduces watering by up to four times.


Tub & Basket Compost

Peat reduced blend with excellent moisture and fertiliser retention. Ideal for hanging baskets and containers.

Fresh Sphagnum Moss

Our sphagnum moss is naturally free from weeds and insects and harvested from renewable resources. It can hold up to 20 times its own weight of water but enables water to drain from the basket.


We sell a range a range of hanging basket, wall and trough liners. The coco liner is ideal for  lining your baskets as it is pre-shaped for easy fit. The liner retains and drains water at a consistent pace for longer plant life. The liner is made from long lasting coco fibres with latex coating.

Jute Liners

Our Hanging Basket Easy Liner made from jute and sisal is excellent for water absorbency and is poly lined for water retention. It is an effective alternative to moss and simple to use as it is pre-cut. 

Jute Liner

We sell jute liner by the meter, which is great for non-standard size baskets or troughs. It is a great alternative to moss and is excellent for water absorbency.

Outdoor Pots

Our range of outdoor pots include the Heritage garden range, terracotta, glazed, earthenware and the Chelsea terrace collection. We stock a range of plastic containers too.

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