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Garden Care

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Tools & Equipment

Garden Tools

We have gardening tools for digging, cultivating, cutting, weeding and cleaning . We stock the Kent & Stowe and Wolf Garten which include their multi-change range of tools where different tool heads fit a range of handle sizes.

Gloves & Footwear

We have a great range of gloves to suit different jobs in the garden from seed sowing to pruning roses. We stock a range of wellies, cloggies & gardening shoes.


Watering Equipment

We stock hosepipes and storage reels; fittings and connectors; spray guns and sprinklers from Hozelock. We have a range of watering cans, a selection of roses offering fine, medium and coarse spray as well as water butts.

Plastic Pots

Growing & Propagation

We have a range of products to help you grow your own plants. From seed trays to pots to small propagators, dibbers and labels, we can help.  We  stock a range of small tunnels, grow houses and cloches too.

Patio & Path Cleaner

If you need to clean your patio or driveway, we can help. We sell treatments  to disinfect, treat, remove and prevent green mould and algae on hard surfaces. 

Weed Control

We stock various types of weed control which target specific types of weeds. We sell both concentrates which require diluting with water and handy ready to use sprays.

Handy Packs

From twine and wire to plant rings and vine eyes, we have a great selection of products for helping you undertake  various jobs in the garden.

Matting & Netting

We have a great selection of matting and netting, sold by the meter or in  prepacks. These range from weed control netting and green shade netting to fleece and plastic netting.

Need some Advice?

Why not pay us a visit and see how WE you can help YOU achieve the garden of your dreams.