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Composts & Mulches

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Multi-Purpose Compost

This peat reduced blend encourages healthier root growth.  Can be used from growing seeds and cuttings to potting on. 


Multi-Purpose Compost & John Innes

Multi purpose compost with John Innes retains and releases nutrients and water for longer so is ideal for use in containers and hanging baskets.

Tub & Basket Compost

Peat reduced blend with excellent moisture and fertiliser retention. Ideal for hanging baskets and containers.

Ericaceous Compost

Use for lime hating plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias. Peat reduced blend.

Tree, Shrub & Rose Compost

Ideal for roses, trees and shrubs which require a stronger and longer lasting feed. Encourages healthier root systems. Peat reduced blend.

Carrs Special Organic Compost

Based on earthworm digested manure. The worm casts are mixed with the finest quality organic ingredients. For general use. Natural enzymes to promote root development.

Blended Farm Manure

A rich organic compost ideal for mulching and planting as well as soil conditioning.


This straw garden mulch suppresses weed growth, helps to retain moisture around the plants, enriches the soil and deters slugs and snails.  

Bed & Border Chipped Bark

The use of bark helps retain moisture, protects plant roots and suppresses weed growth. Perfect for finishing beds and borders. Available in larger100 litre bales too.

Decorative Mini Bark

Small chips, to provide a highly decorative finish. Ideal for containers and small borders. Helps to retain moisture in the soil and helps to suppress weed growth.

Carrs Special Organic Soil Improver

Ideal for clay or sandy soils. Improves soil structure, fertility, drainage and aeration. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Peat free.

Soil Improver

Improves soil composition and can be used for mulching and planting out.

Peat Free Planters

100% sustainable, natural and peat free compost. Perfect for fruit and vegetable plants such as tomatoes, chillies, peppers and cucumbers. Ideal for two plants.

Peat Free Compost

Rich in organic matter, it is suitable for seed sowing, cuttings and for potting on. 

Peat Free Compost

100% sustainable, natural and peat free compost. Perfect for seedlings, fruit  and vegetable plants. Ideal for containers too.

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