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Bird Care

Offering friendly and expert advice on all things related to bird care, feeds and habitats.

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We stock a great range of wild bird care items. From bird food to feeders, from nesting boxes to bird tables, you’ll find them all at Gotherington Nurseries.

Included in the feed range are specialist feed blends, suet and mealworm products, co-co fat feeders, nyjer seed, sunflower hearts, high energy mixes, no mess seed mixes, seed blocks, fat balls and peanuts. These come in a range of different size packages to suit a customer’s needs. We sell seed mix and peanuts loose by the scoop and bulk bags of peanuts, seed mix and sunflower hearts. This array of feed for wild birds has been developed to appeal to a wide range of birds from ground feeding birds, to those who will eat from bird tables or feeders and to attract different species to the garden too.

There is a great range of feeders to accompany the different types of feed available. Some of these are squirrel resistant. Again, they come in different sizes to suit a customer’s requirements. At Gotherington Nurseries, we sell feeding stations too. These are stakes which hold a multiple number of feeders so encouraging different types of bird to feed. Wooden bird tables are available also and come in a range of styles and prices so there is something to appeal to everyone.

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