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A rose is not just for Valentine’s Day..

Did you receive flowers for Valentine’s Day this year?  May be a box of chocolates and a card?  Valentine’s Day has become a big commercial event with personalised gifts   and all manner of things hearts shaped.  One supermarket was even selling strawberries this year in a heart shaped punnet.  The traditional gift is a dozen red roses.  Red roses symbolise love whereas other colours have come to mean other things.  White for a secret love, or purity; pink for ‘thank you’; yellow for ‘I care’ and black for death.  A Rose is said to be traditional flower of choice because of it’s hardy nature but a rose is not just for Valentine’s Day.


So once your Valentine’s bouquet has wilted and been cast aside what do you replace it with?  How about a bush rose for your borders?  There are so many colours and varieties to choose from.  Hybrid teas (large flowering roses), floribunda (cluster roses) and David Austin to name but a few.  Do you want a subtle scent or a strong fragrance to hit you every time you walk by?


Gotherington Nurseries currently stock a variety of hybrid teas and floribunda in a variety of colours.




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