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Hedging at Gotherington

hedgesHedges can serve a number of purposes including providing privacy, marking a boundary, surrounding a flower bed or to block out unsightly views. They can provide a beautiful seasonal display of their own with flowers, berries or their leaf colour.

At Gotherington Nurseries we sell a range of containerised hedging plants and bare root hedging plants. Containerised plants can be planted at any time of year and tend to be more advanced than the bare root plants. These are ideal to uses where parts of an existing hedge need replacing or extending or an instant effect is required. Different sizes are available but larger specimens will be more expensive.

Between November and March we sell bare root hedging plants, when the plants are dormant. These provide value for money and are ideal for planting a new hedge. Examples include beech, hawthorn, hornbeam, hazel, privet and field maple.


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