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Weed Control at Gotherington

woman killing weeds and weedingEliminating pesky weeds from your lawn, path or garden is a never ending struggle, but there are products that can make it a lot easier and at Gotherington Nurseries we stock top brands for complete weed control.

Weed killers, also called herbicides, are chemicals that kill plants or inhibit their normal growth. The best product for you depends upon what types of weeds you are trying to eradicate. Herbicides vary according to their effects. Some affect germinating seeds, while others kill weeds after the plants are growing above the ground. Before you buy an herbicide, consider the following:

  • What type of weeds are you trying to get rid of?
  • Should you protect the plants around the weeds you are trying to eliminate?
  • After you apply an herbicide, will you be planting or seeding in that area?
  • Do you prefer applying herbicides in liquid or granular form?


If you want to really speed up the application of weed killers then why not try a Weedkiller Sprinkle Bar. It simply fits any watering can and helps you apply weedkiller with accuracy and ease. Ideal for larger areas such as lawns, drives, borders, around trees and patios.


Not only do weeds look unsightly, they also compete with plants for light, water and nutrients. Weed growth can be suppressed by using a layer of mulch (e.g. composted bark or bark chips) or planting through plastic sheeting (covering this with bark or gravel where used around ornamental plants for a more aesthetic look).

For best results, apply mulch in the early spring before weeds have had a chance to become established. Another cultural method of control for annual weeds can be through hoeing, which works best in dry weather and when the weeds are young.

Annual weeds can also be controlled quickly and easily by chemical means (see below). For more difficult weeds, such as perennials, where it is difficult to get the whole root system out manually and the weeds can regenerate from small pieces of root material, it is often necessary to employ the use of weed killers for more effective and less labour-intensive control.

This can be difficult, especially if a border is thickly planted.

The best choice of weed killer product not only depends upon how closely the plants are growing to the weeds, but what types of weeds are present. If the weeds are mainly annuals and they are not growing too close to cultivated plants then a weed killer such as Weedol may be the best option.

These products can be directed at weeds relatively accurately and are available in different sizes according to the area to be treated. If the weeds are deep-rooted (difficult/impossible to pull up!) then a systemic weedkiller, based on glyphosate, such as Round Up would be more effective. These products are available as Ready-to-use guns for reasonably accurate application in borders.

Growing vegetables in rows makes for easy maintenance. To get rid of difficult perennial weeds prior to planting or sowing, use a glyphosate based weedkiller in either the autumn or spring as long as the weather conditions are not too cold or dry, as weeds need to be in active growth for systemic weedkillers to work effectively. In drier weather, hoe out annual weeds where they are growing in between rows of vegetables or use a contact weedkiller. You must be careful when using weedkillers on fruit and vegetables prior to harvest. We stock Neudorff fast acting weedkiller which is an organic product.

Many spring lawn fertilizers also have a weedkiller incorporated, which is useful for the control of larger, broad-leaved weeds in lawns. However for more difficult weeds it is better to apply a straight lawn weedkiller such as Weedol Lawn Weedkiller.

weed killer spray

For long-term weed control, choose a path weedkiller with residual action such as Pathclear. This product will not only kill the weeds that are present, but they will prevent new ones from growing for several months.


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