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Vegetable Plants at Gotherington

growown12We simply love fresh veg so its natural that we sell a large variety of vegetable plants at our nursery.  These are some of the more popular vegetable plants we stock during the spring:

Cucumber & tomatoes
Courgettes & marrows
Peppers & Chili peppers
Purple Sprouting
Spring Onions

If you are growing vegetable plants, then you’ll need to make sure that the soil is rich in nutrients. Our vegetable growing compost slowly releases an organic fertiliser with added Phosphorous for strong root development in root vegetables; potassium for fruit development and nitrogen for the healthy growth of green leafed vegetables and sustained plant growth. Make sure the vegetable beds are kept weed free as they provide shelter for garden pests and disease.

The satisfaction of growing your own vegetables is the joy of being able to pick them fresh as and when you want them - enjoy!


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