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Tools & Equipment at Gotherington Nurseries

We have a wide selection of gardening tools, watering equipment and accessories, propagating equipment, gardening gloves, gardening footware, brushes and a range of handy packs.

Hand Tools

garden tools

Digging and cutting range of hand tools such as spades, forks, shears, hoes, rakes and secateurs.

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Hose pipes and connectors and irrigation systems.

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Watering & Cans

watering can

Plastic and metal watering cans and attachments.

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Seed trays and inserts and peat pots.

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Gardening Gloves

garden gloves on man

Mens, womens and childrens gardening gloves with traditional and fashionable styles.

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Wellington Boots

wellington boot and gardening boot

Town and Country wellington boots and cloggies ideal for wet or dry conditions.

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gardman kneeler

Kneeler cushions and folding and portable kneelers from Gardman.

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garden brush sweeping leaves

Soft and hard bristle garden brushes.

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Plant Ties

garden cable ties

Gardman garden ties for the garden.

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Plant Labels

plant lables

Gardman plant labels are reusable and rot proof – for seed trays, pots plants etc.

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More Tools & Equipment In Store

flowers being watered in garden nursery

These are just some of the tools and equipment we stock at Gotherington Nurseries and we encourage you to visit us to fully appreciate our ranges.

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