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Roses at Gotherington

close up of a rose

An English garden would not be complete without the bloom and scent of a beautiful rose and at Gotherington Nurseries we stock Wharton Nurseries roses and David Austin.

We stock different types of containerised roses such as bush roses, ramblers, floribundas, climbing roses, miniature and hybrid tea roses and you’ll be amazed at the array of colours available. It really is worth paying us a visit to view our rose collections.

Roses are incredibly tough, reliable and forgiving  plants but they need good light and shelter from strong and cold winds. They also benefit from plenty of space. Avoid planting where roses have previously grown as roses tend to take all the nutrients out of the soil. Roses need soil which is rich in organic matter. This provides good drainage and moisture retention.

We stock Bayer’s Toprose and David Austin rose food which has been designed to release nutrients over a long period. It will supply the three major elements of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium as well as a range of essential trace elements to ensure strong, healthy growth and abundant, fine blooms.


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