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Hanging Baskets

hanging baskets with flowers

Plants, pots, liners, feeds, tools, baskets and of course our friendly hanging basket advice.

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Planted Containers

planted container with flowers in bloom

Planted containers for outdoor and indoor use or can be made-up to your requirements.

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Tub & Basket Feed

plant food used in watering can

From Miracle Gro liquid feed to slow release capsule and Westlands Gro Sure we stock all.

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Tub & Basket Compost

tub and container compost with watering can

Tub and basket compost absorbs more water than multi-purpose compost and has nutrients.

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Basket Liners

basket liner and basket on grass

Basket liners for strength and water absorbency plus moisture retention and ease of use.

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sphagnum moss

Gardman Sphagnum Moss is perfect for lining hanging baskets plus other moss usages.

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Filled Baskets

a filled hanging basket with flowers

Buy a filled hanging basket when in season or order a custom made hanging basket.

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Plastic Pots

platsic pots and trays with compost in them

From the very small to the big our plastic pots are made to last and offer choice and quality.

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Terracotta Pots

selection of terracotta pots

At Gotherington Nurseries we stock some the UK’s finest terracotta pots by Woodlodge.

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