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planted window box container

Planted Containers At Gotherington

At Gotherington Nurseries, we have a range of seasonally planted containers with basket and patio bedding plants,  ready to sell. However we are happy to plant up your own container if you prefer.

In addition, we have a fantastic range of containers, which are suitable for planting up and cater for a wide range of tastes. These range from half wooden barrels to plastic pots to glazed and terracotta pots.

In many cases, customers will require a container for re-potting a shrub or maybe for a handy herb garden by the back-door or for planting ericaceous plants. They are a great way of brightening up a corner of the garden, patio or where space is limited. It is important however, to ensure you use the correct compost and that the container has drainage holes. Plants should be fed regularly and not allowed to dry out.


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