Plant Care

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Plant Food

Feeding your plants will help their growth, enable them to produce healthier root systems, strengthen a plant’s resistance to disease, help them to look greener and leafier and improve yields of flowers, fruit and vegetables. This can be done by adding fertiliser to the soil such as slow release fertiliser, a granular feed such as bonemeal, growmore or fish, blood and bone or by feeding the plant directly.

For ease of use, there are ready to use sprays or concentrates which need diluting before using. We sell general plant food or specialist plant food suitable for ericaceous (acid loving) plants, roses, orchids, tomato plants, flowering plants and fruit and vegetables. We have a range of organic food too.




Pest Control and Insecticides

There are a number of insects which can cause damage to plants such as aphids, caterpillars, greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, leaf beetles, mealy bug, scale insect, red spider mite, vine weevil and larvae. In such cases it may be desirable to use insecticides to control the problem.

These may come in the form of a concentrate or a ready to use spray. We stock a number of different products in the form of ready to use sprays or concentrates. We have specialist products available if fruit or vegetable plants are affected.




We have a range of pest control products for controlling slugs, wasps, ants, mice and rats.




Fungus Control

Should a plant show signs of a fungal disease, then we have the right treatment to use. Fungal diseases may include black spot, powdery mildew, rust and scab.

The product used will depend on the type of fungal disease and the plant in question. In some cases it may be more prudent to use a product such as Multirose2 which is a combined systemic fungicide and insecticide.




Plant Supports

With climbing plants or taller herbaceous plants and trees, plant supports are essential. We have a wide range available to suit your needs. For trees, we have wooden stakes and tree ties of various sizes.

For herbaceous plants, we have various forms of support from bamboo canes to trellis to decorative obelisks.




We have a wide selection of products for tying plants to supports too.