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Glazed Pots at Gotherington

You’ll find a great collection of glazed pots at Gotherington Nurseries. We stock the Woodlodge range which offers various colours, shapes and sizes of glazed pots  and sourced from around the world.

We sell the Heritage Garden range of glazed pots. These would make a stunning addition to any garden.

The Thai salt glazed pots are a timeless classic and still are one of our best selling style of pot.


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Terracotta Pots at Gotherington

At Gotherington Nurseries we stock some the UK’s finest terracotta pots by Woodlodge. They offer a great range of terracotta pots with different designs, shapes and sizes. For the traditional gardener, we sell the spang range of terracotta which is a range based on the traditional style of plain plant pots and saucers, coming in a range of sizes.

Try something different – terracotta pots built up one inside the other with room in between for compost and roots, can create stunning planting tiers that can be filled with a mixture of herbs and alpine strawberries and flowers.

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Plastic Pots at Gotherington

plastic-potsPlastic pots are essential to all gardeners and we sell an array of different sizes – from the very small to the large. Their use varies from small pots used in propagation to the large pots for planting up in the garden.

As they are lightweight, they are perfect for balconies, roof gardens and can easily move around the garden. They are generally less expensive.


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