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Lawn Seed

lawn seedPeople have all sorts of reasons why they buy lawn seed. You may just have a patch of lawn that needs repair, you may be overseeding to thicken the lawn or wish to have a complete new lawn.

At Gotherington Nurseries we stock Johnsons lawn seed; which offers a full range of lawn seed. All you need to do is to decide which characteristics are suited to your lawn and how you intend to use the lawn. Measure the area concerned to enable you to buy the appropriate size box.

lawn seed general purposeWe stock:
General Purpose – this produces a superior lawn which is hardwearing. The vigorous roots strengthen the turf making it resilient and durable. This will perform well in the majority of domestic situations. It is ideal for overseeding in Spring and Autumn.
Shady Place – This provides a mixture of shade tolerant grasses with good drought tolerance so helping to maintain its appearance and colour in dry conditions. This can be used where there is semi to dense shaded areas say under trees or next to high walls and fences. Ideal mixture for overseeding in Spring and Autumn.
Luxury – Superior, neat and compact enabling it to be closely mown whilst retaining its luxurious appearance. Ideal for overseeding in Spring and Autumn.
Tuffgrass – This is quick to establish and provides weed control. This can withstand high wear and tear such as play areas. This is great for overseeding in Spring or Autumn.
Quick – This is the best all round mixture to produce outstanding results in any domestic situation
Quick Fix – This is suitable for all lawns  with high traffic. This is great for overseeding all year round and for new sowings in Spring or Autumn.

It important that the ground is prepared adequately and an appropriate seedbed fertiliser such as growmore is applied before sowing. Ensure the grass seed is watered if a spell of dry weather follows sowing. Be careful not to overwater as it will encourage a shallow root system. Once the lawn is established apply an appropriate lawn feed as required and over-seed the lawn annually.

Doing just a few lawncare activities in the Spring and Autumn will help to keep your lawn in great shape and get it off to a flying start the following year. It doesn’t take too long and is well worth the time and effort.


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