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Lawn Moss Killer at Gotherington

lawn moss killer and lawn feedA moss ridden lawn could be due to wet weather and waterlogged conditions, shady areas, compacted soil, grass mowed too close or even drought-stressed grass.

In the Autumn, apply Westland’s Autumn Lawn Feed & Moss Killer. This lawn moss killer is a special formulated combination of lawn fertiliser and ferrous sulphate which is used for eradicating moss and preventing discolouration of grass for a healthier, greener lawn. In the Autumn, only use the Autumn product otherwise new growth may be damaged by frosts. After a couple of weeks, when the moss turns black, try scarifying. This is vigorous raking of the lawn to remove the loose moss. Use a spring-tine rake for this purpose. If you have a larger lawn, it may be necessary to hire a mechanical scarifier.

In the Spring, a few days after mowing, use the Westland Aftercut All In One which will feed, condition, kill weeds and kill moss. Lightly rake when the moss begins to die. We stock Westland lawn feed, weed and mosskiller, Evergreen complete 4 in 1, Vitax Green Up soluble mosskiller for lawns and Maxicrop moss killer and lawn tonic which are great at killing moss.



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