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John Innes Compost at Gotherington

john innes compostJohn Innes composts were developed at the John Innes Institute, named after one John Innes a 19th Century property and land dealer in the City of London. On his death in 1904, he bequeathed his fortune and estate to the improvement of horticulture by experiments and research. The result was the establishment of the John Innes Horticultural Research Institute, initially at Merton in Surrey but now located at Norwich.

Our John Innes compost is a specially formulated compost, made from the traditional John Innes recipe of sterilised loam, peat, horticultural grit with added nutrients provides the perfect medium for young plant growth.

John Innes No.1 is designed for young seedlings and plants which need a low but balanced nutrient supply for plant growth without damaging delicate roots. The peat content facilitates air movement and water retention reducing the need for frequent watering and is easier to rewet when dry.

Specially designed for potting on seedlings, cuttings and all other young plants.

John Innes is supplied with enough nutrients to meet plant requirements for the first 3-4 weeks.

John Innes No.2 is designed to be used for potting on houseplants and vegetable plants.

John Innes No.3 is designed for potting on mature plants, vegetables and shrubs.

We sell a multi-purpose compost which has John Innes in it which will hold water and nutrients for longer.


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