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Herbs at Gotherington

Herbs are a great addition to any garden. They have different textures, colours, leaf shape and scent. They need little space and can be planted in containers or in borders amongst other plants. You can harvest as and when you want to and therefore you don’t have the waste you may having buying them fresh from the supermarket. The more they are harvested, the more they tend to produce. They have a wide variety of uses too.

If you are thinking about creating a herb garden and unsure which herbs to grow in containers, it’s worth thinking about whether the herb plant is annual or perennial. Annual herbs such as Dill, Basil and Coriander are ideal for planting in containers. Mint is best planted in a container as it spreads. Locate your herbs close to home so they are nearer for harvesting as and when required.

Examples of herbs we sell at Gotherington Nurseries which are ideal for planting in borders include chives, thyme, rosemary, bay, parsley, tarragon, fennel and marjoram.


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