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Grow Bags & Planters at Gotherington

grow bagWe sell several varieties of grow bags and planters. They vary in size and satisfy different needs. We have the vegetable planter and the tomato planter which is larger in size than the growbags. These contain the appropriate level of nutrients, helps retain moisture and the larger size provides room for the roots to grow thus providing a better plant.

We have the supersize gro’bag from Erin which is smaller than the planter and this is reflected in the price. In addition, we sell the kayak growbag from Vital Earth which offers a peat free version.

These versatile planters and growbags are ideal for use on the patio, conservatory or greenhouse for growing flowers, fruit or vegetables.

We have growbag frames available which sit round the growbag and hold the cane in place for helping to tie the plants up

Another great aid is the growpot which is sold as a set of 3 planters which are positioned in the top of the planter or growbag and the plant placed in the centre. They provide a reservoir of water around the outside. The concept behind it is it makes watering and feeding easier, that it stimulates rapid root growth and therefore produces healthier plants and best of all they are re-usable.


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