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Flower Bulbs at Gotherington

selection of flower bulbs and potsBulbs are an inexpensive and great way to brighten a garden. The pre-packs contain clear planting instructions and detail the growing height.

From February, we have a nice selection of summer flowering bulbs in prepacks. Examples include a great choice of dahlias, gladioli, lillium and agapanthus.

Our largest range of bulbs will come in late July/August time to cover the Autumn selling period. These are for the early spring flowering bulbs. Although we do sell pre-packs of certain varieties such as bluebells and snowdrops, we also sell daffodils and narcissi by weight so that you can select the exact quantity you require as well as showcases of dwarf narcissi, tulips, crocus and hyacinth to name but a few.

For the late Autumn/Christmas period we have boxes of amaryllis. These are a great way to brighten up a room but they make wonderful presents too.

We recommend the use of bulb fibre when planting bulbs. If planting in containers, ensure sufficient drainage in the pots and the bulbs should have enough compost for their roots to develop (about 10cm minimum). Use proper bulb fibre for best results. It also has the right balance of nutrients for bulbs and tends to have better drainage. Plant bulbs so that the ‘noses’ are just visible above the compost. Each pot should be watered well and allowed to drain.

As well as stocking bulb fibre, we sell bulb planters which is a great tool for making planting bulbs in the ground easier.

flower bulbs in garden blooming

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