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Filled Hanging Baskets at Gotherington

filled hanging baskets in garden nurseryThere is no doubt that filled hanging baskets are a beautiful addition to a property.  A basket filled with an array of colour will brighten anyone’s day and reminds you that summer is here.

If you come to Gotherington Nurseries, you will see a great range of seasonally filled hanging baskets for sale in the glasshouse which we have made up. There is a great choice available. We have been making hanging baskets for 25 years.

If you would prefer us to refill your hanging basket then simply pop in with your empty baskets and speak to one of our staff members. If you require baskets for the summer then we start making these up in May. We like to keep these  for two weeks so they can grow well under cover and hopefully from the end of May, the threat of frosts are over.

We make up hanging baskets for businesses too.


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Hanging Baskets at Gotherington

woman making a hanging basketHanging baskets are ideal for small spaces and are a brilliant way to add colour to walls and fences. They are also the ideal container for growing trailing varieties of plants. Come and see the many varieties we have available.

If you are making your own hanging basket then we have everything you will need. We have a fantastic selection of home grown basket and patio plants, liners, baskets, feeds, water retaining gel and tub and basket compost.

At the Nurseries, we grow a fantastic range of basket and patio plants for the late spring/summer period. The benches are full of amazing plants offering different coloured flowers and foliage. In the autumn/winter period we sell plants that have been grown for their foliage to give a beautiful array of colour through the winter as well as the brightly coloured pansies. We sell the baskets and liners too. So why not have a go at making up a basket yourself. We’re here to give advice should you require it.

This is an example of some of the plants we grow for hanging baskets in the late spring/summer period:  many varieties of fuchsias and geraniums; begonias; trailing petunias; bacopa and verbena, brachycome, lobelia, diascia, nemesia, nepeta and calibrachoa.

This is an example of some of the plants we put in hanging baskets in the autumn/winter period: winter flowering pansies, primula, trailing ivy, heathers and dwarf conifers and even underplant the hanging basket with dwarf bulbs such as narcissus for a spring display.

We also sell our own seasonally filled hanging baskets which you can buy at our Nurseries. These offer great value for money.


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