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Conifers at Gotherington

conifer-webConifers are a wonderful way of adding colour and shape to your garden – and because they are mainly evergreen, the effect will last the whole year.

There are an amazing choice of conifers. There unique scale like leaves or needles and there cones makes them distinct. There is a great range of different coloured foliage, shapes and sizes of conifers. There are many low growing varieties which provide effective ground cover as well as fast growing conifers which are magnificent trees. Some varieties can be used as hedging. There is something to suit every type of garden.

Once you have chosen the right site, most conifers are easy to look after, needing only a little pruning. If planting a hedge, by removing the top of the plant at the required height, it will then start to bush out. Conifers are generally pretty disease resistant and easy to manage.



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