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Climbers at Gotherington

climbingplantsClimbers are plants that have a tendency to climb but have some means of attaching themselves such as tendrils or aerial roots or by twining. They are perfect for smaller gardens as they tend to take up little ground space.

Some shrubs and roses classed as climbers are wall shrubs. These require some sort of framework to train and tie them. They will bushier so careful thought must be given to their location in the garden.

They can provide a wonderful back-drop of colour even in the smallest of gardens and you’ll be amazed at the variety, blooms and leaf designs there are to choose from.

Climbers are ideal for screening - covering unsightly walls and fences. They are great at adding height to a border.

Wisteria climber on propertyPopular Climbing Plants

We have a lovely selection of locally grown clematis.  These plants vary in colour, shape of flowers and flowering times. One of the best-loved and elegant of climbing plants is Wisteria as it is versatile and can be trained against walls to form curtains of foliage and flowers. Wisteria also looks great grown through pergolas. For magnificent reds in autumn, Virginia creepers cannot be beaten. Passion flowers look exotic. Highly scented honeysuckles and Jasmine are beautiful too.


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