Blended Farm Manure

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Blended Farm Manure



Keeping your garden soil in good health is important as it supports the growth of plants. With a healthy natural environment around the plant roots and by using blended farm manure one can release vital nutrients to the plants as they grow. It supports higher yields of crops and healthy, abundant flowers.

If you have poor soil,¬†Blended Farmyard Manure provides a rich source¬†of organic matter and is therefore an ideal soil conditioner. It improves the structure of the soil and provides much needed nutrients. It’s perfect for applying to vegetable plots where there are no root vegetables being grown as well as beds and borders prior to planting. Ensure it is dug in well. If it is to be used next to established plants, you must be careful not to dig too closely to the plants as you may damage their roots. it may be better to use the Blended Farm Manure as a mulch in these circumstances.



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