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Bedding Plants at Gotherington

Since we opened in 1991, we have been growing our own seasonal bedding plants. We have a fantastic range of home grown bedding plants available to take you through different seasons. During the late Spring period, our glasshouses are heaving with the array of plants available. There is a great choice from box bedding to basket and patio plants. From fuchsias to geraniums, begonias to petunias, the choice is immense. Look for our signature coloured pots which denotes the particular offer available.


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Bedding Plants Resources

BBC Gardening

baby bedding plants in borderEasy to grow and care for, annual bedding plants allow you to change your displays every year, and this BBC guide will help you get best results.

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Royal Horticultural Society

Get great ideas for designing garden using bedding plants and other interesting tips and advice.

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