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Baby Bedding Plants At Gotherington

beddingDuring the early spring, whilst our own bedding plants are growing on in the warmth of our glasshouses, we sell a selection of baby basket and patio plants. As these plants are much younger, smaller and tender, they require nurturing and this is reflected in the price.

At this stage, they can either be planted directly  into a hanging basket or container immediately or re-potted into a larger plant pot. These young plants must be kept in a frost free environment with plenty of light. Towards the end of May, when the threat of frost has subsided, they can be placed outside.

Varieties of  baby bedding plants, which we sell in spring include fuchsias, geraniums and trailing petunias to name but a few. All these plants will be suitable to plant in hanging baskets and containers.

These plants tend to be bought by customers who are happy to grow on the plants themselves.


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